What Is INSGC?

Indiana Space Grant Consortium is one of the 52 Consortia part of the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. In the state of Indiana, INSGC is a source of NASA-related information, awards and programs.

The consortium works to carry out education, research, and public outreach activities in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology (STEM) related to space, aeronautics, aviation, and Earth system science, all while advocating increased financial and government support for Space Grant Consortia.

Consisting of 26 different affiliates including colleges, universities, businesses, and other private and public sector institutions, INSGC promotes aerospace education and career training by

    1. Supporting STEM students through various scholarship, internship and fellowship opportunities
    2. Assisting faculty and students in their development of skills in STEM related fields
    3. Offering experiential training aligned with NASA Strategic Enterprises, and
    4. Inspiring public interest in aerospace-related disciplines and lifelong learning through partnerships with educators at all levels...

NASA Internships Exoplanet Name Challenge

What’s Your Exoplanet Name? Challenge. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr, complete the attached forms by filling in your Exoplanet name, tag @NASA, and use the hashtag #MyExoplanetName for a chance to be featured in NASA’s accounts (P.S. tag NASA interns too so we may feature you!). Below are some examples from some of NASA’s verified accounts!

Screen Shot 2020-09-28 at 1.49.36 PM

#MyExoplanetName means:
NI – NASA Internships
110620 – November 6, 2020 is the upcoming Spring 2021 application deadline!
A – all our interns and partners are all-stars!

We tag our friends within our NASA STEM, MUREP, and Space Grant families to participate!


Here is an example below:

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 11.10.36 AM

Internship Opportunity at the Zoo!

The Zoo’s Internship Program offers a unique opportunity for college students (enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program and at least entering the sophomore level) to become actively involved in the Zoo’s conservation, research, education and recreation efforts. Interns can enhance their knowledge and experience in various animal care and administrative roles.

Interns serve 20-40 hours per week for 12 consecutive weeks. Positions are experience-based and are unpaid. The Zoo can provide information to assist with your housing and transportation search.

Applications for the 2021 Spring Intern Session are currently being accepted. To apply, please complete the Spring Intern Session application form and return it with a cover letter, resume, two letters of recommendation and a current (official or unofficial) transcript. November 10 is the deadline to apply.

Click below to be redirected to the home page:

Another Opportunity

STEM on Station, a NASA Office of STEM Engagement activity, would like to share an opportunity with your organization. We are currently accepting proposals from United States educational organizations interested in hosting an In-flight Education Downlink. A downlink is a twenty-minute, live video question and answer session between a U.S. educational organization and an astronaut aboard the International Space Station.

NASA and its partners have successfully supported humans living on the International Space Station continuously since November 2000. After nearly 20 years of continuous human presence, the space station remains the sole space-based proving ground, preparing NASA for Artemis program missions. Join the celebration of 20 years of continuous human presence on the space station by submitting a proposal to host an In-flight Education Downlink!

Hosting an education downlink is an opportunity to link students to astronauts aboard the space station and provides a unique, authentic experience designed to enhance student learning, performance and interest in STEM: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

STEM on Station is currently accepting proposals for organizations to host a downlink during International Space Station Expedition 65, which run April to October 2021. All interested organizations are required to submit a proposal (form attached) by emailing us at JSC-Downlinks@mail.nasa.gov the proposal no later than Tuesday, December 1. Additional details regarding downlinks and the proposal can be found in the attached Downlink Planning Guide.

We strongly encourage interested organizations to attend an online information session:
Tuesday, October 6 at noon CDT, Information Session #1
(Audio only available by dialing: 1-256-715-9946 with Conference ID: 594 617 970#)
Wednesday, October 28 at 3 p.m. CDT, Information Session #2
(Audio only available by dialing: 1-256-715-9946 with Conference ID: 424 298 514#)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.


Below you will find the proposal form and the Planning Guide which are both available to download.

INSGC Photo Of The Day

Oct 21, 2020

Explanation: How many famous sky objects can you find in this image? The featured dark sky composite combines over 60 exposures spanning over 220 degrees to create a veritable menagerie of night sky wonders. Visible celestial icons include the Belt of Orion, the Orion Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy, the California Nebula, and bright stars Sirius and Betelgeuse. You can verify that you found these, if you did, by checking an annotated version of the image. A bit harder, though, is finding Polaris and the Big Dipper. Also discernible are several meteors from the Quandrantids meteor shower, red and green airglow, and two friends of the astrophotographer. The picture was captured in January from SardiniaItaly. You can see sky wonders in your own night sky tonight -- including more meteors than usual -- because tonight is near peak of the yearly Orionids meteor shower.






Funding source for INSGC Fellowships, Internships; Research and Outreach Project funding for Higher Education, K-12, and Informal Education through INSGC affiliates.


Research funding available for undergraduates, graduates and faculty.


Collaboration opportunities with industries for internships and skill set training.


Funding for projects that create public awareness of INSGC and NASA.

Need Funding?

Browse through the opportunities we offer and apply today!


Indiana Space Grant Consortium supports K-12 education by offering space based resources to excite children about STEM and NASA education. You can find these resources here.

Educational Resources

Teacher Resources

Educational Programs


Higher Education

INSGC higher education affiliates throughout Indiana with eligible students, must be a US citizen, enrolled full-time as a collegiate student, be involved in STEM related research or STEM education project, are eligible to apply for scholarship/fellowship.


Beginning in 2020, INSGC no longer offers UG Scholarships. Instead INSGC offers Undergraduate Research Internships.

Students will not directly apply for this funding from INSGC. Faculty members (PI) who are supervising a research activity will apply for the award for the number of students planning to participate in the project. UG students will be paid an hourly rate for research.



Fellowships, Masters/Ph.D are available for graduate students pursuing research projects with any INSGC affiliate. New for 2020, applicants must specify a NASA Center and/or a Mission Directorate alignment.


Research awarded to be conducted by faculty who submit project proposals that help NASA achieve national research objectives

New for 2020. All proposals must specify a NASA Center and/or Mission Directorate with which it is aligned.

Informal Education

Information, resources, and funding for Professional Development for informal educators relating to science, technology, engineering, and math.


INSGC outreach affiliates may apply for grant funding that engages K-12 students in STEM curriculum and hands-on learning.

New for 2020. All proposals must specify a NASA Center and/or Mission Directorate with which it is aligned.

View our Academic pages for more information.

Looking For Career Opportunities?

INSGC currently has a career page with information 

and a few valuable resources!

Check out the INSGC Facebook page. Twitter and Instagram profiles will be created shortly.

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