Indiana Space Grant Consortium, formed in 1989, is part of the NASA funded National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program under the NASA Office of Stem Education (OSTEM). Nationally, Space Grant is a network of 52 university-based statewide consortia, including all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. In the State of Indiana, INSGC is a source of NASA-related information, awards and programs.

INSGC focuses on inspiring learners of all ages to create an inclusive culture that is diverse, innovative, creative, enthusiastic and excited to explore aerospace-related science, engineering and technology. We focus on integrity, teamwork, and excellence in support of NASA’s missions, education, and workforce development.

INSGC has developed a balanced program of research and research infrastructure, higher education, K-12, and outreach and public service projects that are undertaken by the affiliate institutions to increase STEM inspiration, engagement, education and employment for the State with an emphasis on projects that align with each of the NASA Mission Directorates. An annual proposal competition is held to allow INSGC to focus on meeting the needs of NASA mission directorates and the State of Indiana each year. Funded activities include NASA-related research and research infrastructure, university student team competitions, fellowship and internship opportunities, public outreach opportunities, STEM education activities, and more. Links to apply for funding and opportunities are available within the INSGC webpage (, along with information on currently funded activities.

The following INSGC goals are intended to augment our alignment and association with NASA’s Centers, Directorates and Missions:

  • Engage, support and partner with Indiana aerospace industry engaged in NASA- relevant science and engineering programs.
  • Enhance opportunities, across INSGC academic affiliates, for hands-on student projects and competitions sponsored by, or conducted at, NASA Mission Directorates and Centers.
  • Leverage NASA-relevant research strengths at affiliate universities to increase graduate and undergraduate student access, internship and permanent employment and leadership in STEM disciplines at NASA Centers, contractors, and universities.
  • Promote STEM education and public awareness of NASA missions, K-12 STEM skills, and STEM employment opportunities associated with NASA Centers and Mission Directorates.

INSGC values:

  • Values Statement: INspiration – INclusion – INnovation – INtegrity


Mission Statement: INSGC facilitates and funds education and research, builds a diverse and inclusive STEM workforce, and promotes NASA to the public.


Vision Statement: INSGC aspires to bring NASA’s mission and resources to your life, education and work in Indiana.

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