Undergraduate Students

INSGC no longer provides direct Undergraduate Scholarships beginning in 2020. Instead, UG students may receive hourly pay for working as an Undergraduate Research Internship.

Students will not directly apply for this funding from INSGC. The faculty member (PI) who is supervising a research activity will apply for the award for the number of students planning to participate in the project. UG students will work directly with the PI's. If you are an UG student and you are looking to apply. Click the internship button to submit an application.

Graduate Students

Fellowships are available for INSGC Indiana graduate students pursuing research projects in STEM fields.

You can submit your fellowship or postdoctoral application to the right.


Research funding awarded to faculty who submit project proposals that help NASA achieve national research objectives and STEM education. If you have a research idea click the research link to the right to submit your proposal.

Have a Research Project in Mind?

Submit a STEM research proposal during
our open application process.

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