Student Applications for Meaningful and Mentored Research Opportunities
In an effort to increase the impact of INSGC research opportunities, we are expanding the opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work in STEM research on their campuses. The goal is to increase participation, enhance research understanding and skill development, and promote additional pathways of success for student researchers.
PIs submitting proposals may recruit students for participation in their project. In addition, students may apply directly to INSGC. All students paid to conduct research using INSGC funds (excluding fellowship awardees) will be required to provide their identification and demographic information through the INSGC confidential system, and will be paid directly through the National Space Grant Foundation. Students would be expected to complete a formal commitment of expectations with the project PI and the INSGC Affiliate Mentor detailing the expectations for the semester.
Students must be enrolled in good standing at an INSGC affiliate institution and be a US citizen. Researchers will be paid a competitive, professional-level wage (currently $15-$20/hour for 2022-23) and are expected to commit to a minimum of number of hours per week suitable to ensure a meaningful experience. Students applying directly to INSGC will provide a statement of interest in research and areas of interest, and identify a faculty member if known (not required). Every effort will be made by the INSGC Affiliate Mentor, Affiliate Director, and INSGC staff to place students in meaningful research opportunities.
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